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Downloading Photos

  1. Log into your housefli client portal at https://tours.housefli.com/login

  2. Select the tour containing the photos you wish to download

    • Ex: 123 Main St

  3. Click on the "Download Center" section of the tour

    • The icon will look like this:

  4. There are 2 options when it comes to downloading your photos

    1. Download all of your media in a .zip file

    2. Download individual files

  5. To download all media of a particular type (i.e. All MLS), make sure
    that the only checkmark selected is the "All MLS" under the "Bulk Media Download" section

  6. To download individual files, scroll down to the "Download Individual
    Files" section of the page.

  7. Here, you can download any/all desired photos