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Vacant Home Prep

Please check out our Home Prep page for additional information



Please have your home photo-ready - your home will be shot as-is!

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A Housefli photographer will arrive at the property within the allotted time-frame. We will be there for 1-2 hours (depending on the package that has been ordered)

  • We ask that ALL cleaning and lawn care be done prior to our arrival. With our busy schedule, we can only spend a specified time at each property

  • If your home is NOT ready, we will, unfortunately, have to reschedule and a fee will be imposed.


Please understand that vacant homes will be shot as-is, meaning our photographers will NOT:

  • Open/Close blinds

  • Move any cables or wires

  • Pick up trash or yard items

  • Move junk, trash cans, recycling bins, etc. 


Virtual Staging

$40 / photo

  • Make your home look great on the MLS

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Speak to a buyer's psychology
  • Bring out your home's best features
  • Create an inviting environment

Interested in our Virtual Staging?


Photoshop Edits

Sometimes homes aren't quite photo-ready.. there may be equipment that was left behind or cables that were not removed from the walls. We're here to help! Our team of skilled photo editors are also proficient in Photoshop and can edit out just about anything! The price of an edit varies between photo, but typically costs between $10 - $25/photo. 


If you would like to request an edit or want more information, please email us at editingteam@housefli.com.


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