When will my media be delivered?


PHOTOS: Next day

VIDEO: Within 2 business days


MATTERPORT FLOOR PLANS: Within 2 business days 

*Floor plans for homes above 6k sqft may take longer than 2 days due to the size and intricacy.



Can I reuse images taken by Housefli? 


 Housefli owns the rights to all the images taken by a Housefli Photographer. However, Housefli will not release images to anyone other than the original purchaser unless explicit, written permission is given by said purchaser.



Can one or more of my images be photoshopped?


Housefli can edit images on a case by case basis and reserves the right to refuse edits based on the difficulty of the request. There is a charge of starting at $10 per photo edit depending on the complexity of the edit. Housefli is not responsible for any property misleadings, i.e. removing power lines, buildings, street signs, etc. In addition, Housefli cannot be held responsible for in-climate weather photo edits. If the weather is not preferred, it is the responsibility of the agent to reschedule. Therefore, our photo editing fee still pertains to blue skies, etc.

If you have photos that need editing, please submit a request with the Housefli Media ID of the photo as well as a detailed explanation of what it is that you need done.



Can Housefli make changes to my video?


Housefli can make changes to a client's video within a week of delivering the media. Housefli also has the right to refuse any edit requests. Please speak with the videographer BEFORE he/she begins the shoot if you have any special requests.



Who owns the rights to my images?


Housefli owns the rights to all the images taken by a Housefli Photographer and the Agent who purchased to have the Photos taken has the right to use them in any way. Housefli does not own the rights to images uploaded that were not taken by a Housefli photographer.



How long will Housefli host my Matterport Tour?


Housefli will host your Matterport Tour for one year. If a longer hosting period is required, please email us for a quote.



Can Housefli give my images to another agent?


Housefli owns the rights to reuse and resell any previously taken images by a Housefli photographer.


Does my video come with my branding?


Yes! All videos come with agent branding and a video intro with your brokerage logo. A custom intro using a unique agent logo can also be created for an additional charge of $50. 

What photo is used when I order a simulated twilight?


Housefli will use the main, front photo of a listing for all simulated twilights. This is, unless, a tree is obstructing the photo or the agent has requested a different angle to be used. Please note that if a different angle is desired, the request must be made prior to or at the time of your appointment. To do so, please call our office at (240) 565-0304 and we'll be happy to update your order with the request.






New Agents


For new agents and/or agents who would like to update their credit card on file; please call our office by 5 pm the day the order is placed to get your information in our system so we can process your payment. 



Cancellation Policy/Refund Policy


If an appointment is canceled after the payment has been processed (which will occur by 5 pm the day of order), a credit of the same amount will be added to your housefli account to be used for future orders.



How do I pay for my media?


Housefli will require payment in full at the time of the booking. A client may opt to keep their card on file for future bookings or call our office at

(240) 565 - 0304 to get their credit card information in for a one-time charge. No appointment will be confirmed until payment has been received in full.



Payment Policy


All orders must be paid in full by 5 pm the day the order is placed. If we have your card on file, we can/will charge that the card for the order. If you are a new customer or an old customer who would like to get a different card in our system, you must call our office by 5 pm that day to make the payment.



Tentative Appointment


Any orders that are not immediately paid for will be considered tentative. These orders will be TENTATIVELY added to our schedule, but will not be confirmed until the payment has been processed. Time slots and dates of tentative appointments may be requested by other agents.





Once your order is paid in full you will receive a confirmation with all of your order's information.



Floor plans


Please note that floor plans are priced by square footage. When ordering a floor plan, the total sqft selected must include the taxable living area + basement. If the sqft entered does not match that of the floor plan delivered, the card we have on file will be charged for the remaining amount of the corresponding price for the correct sqft. 

We will scan all areas of your listing that are connected and accessible through the inside of the home. Separate areas (i.e. apartments, lofts, or basements) that can only be accessed through the outside of the property may be measured and added to your tour if requested by the agent, but these will also incur an additional fee. 



 Homes over 10k sqft will incur an extra $50 charge for Matterport & Interactive Floor Plans ordered






Any appointment that needs to be rescheduled must be rescheduled by 8 am the day of the appointment. Any time after that will be considered a late reschedule and will incur a fee of $100. If an agent does not arrive at their appointment within 30 minutes of the starting time and there is no other method of access, a fee of $100 will be implemented. 



Interior Reshoots


We understand that sometimes homes get upgrades and your clients may want to get new photos to show off their hard work. We're here to help! We offer interior reshoots for $150 that come with approximately 20 photos. These shoots are only offered to clients who originally got a full Housefli package for the property and simply want to show off a few upgrades.



Exterior Reshoots



We also offer exterior reshoots for $100 that come with approximately 10 photos. These shoots are only offered to clients who originally got a full Housefli package for the property and simply want to show off a few upgrades or get the home shot in nicer weather.





*** Housefli reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason in accordance with any anti-discrimination laws ***



For more information email us at info@housefli.com

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